Pakedge 2-paikkainen hallittava virranjakoyksikkö

Product number: P2E

Pakedge 2-Outlet Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (International)

The P2/P2E is a complete power control solution for A/V and smart networks. It was designed with one function in mind – to keep your power managed devices operating when you want them to, and turned off when you want them to. This is accomplished through a suite of technologies and features that enable the PDU to be monitored, configured and operating autonomously through the local network, or remotely through the cloud. The Pakedge P2/P2E is a two outlet PDU with all two ports completely configurable and managed.

The outlets operate in two possible autonomous modes – self healing mode and timer mode. Self-healing mode automatically reboots frozen or non-responsive devices if it doesn’t respond to pings from the built in Auto Ping server. The PDU can be configured to allow the affected units to power up in a controlled sequence in order to ensure that certain units have completed their restart tasks, before the next unit powers up. Timer mode is used to turn devices turned on and off according to the user defined schedule.


Product manual