1-kanavainen DALI Led-himmennin, 90-230V~50/60Hz

Product number: EK-GD2-DL-1-HV

The single-channel phase cut dimmer EK-GD2-DL-1-HV allows the brightness control of LED and halogen sources with a voltage of 90-230V~50/60Hz for up to 220W. Input Bus DALI-2 reference IEC 62386 standard.

EK-GD2-DL-1-HV key features:

– Single-channel dimmer with phase-cut output
– Supply range: 90-230V~50/60Hz
– Maximum output power 230W
– Control inputs: DALI bus
– Maximum resistive load 1A for electronic and/or LED loads the power is halved
– Conductor diameter 12-30 AWG (0.05-2.5 mmq)
– Storage temperature Min: -40°C Max: 60°C


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