2.1 Aktiivinen Soundbar järjestelmä

Product number: ES-PWR-SNDBR-180-BLK

The new Episode 2.1 Active Soundbar System with 8” Wireless Subwoofer is the easiest and fastest way to upgrade the sound on any TV. The active soundbar includes an optical, analog, and HDMI input (w/ ARC support), and the wireless subwoofer is pre-paired at the factory for a hassle-free install. Bluetooth is built-in for seamless streaming from mobile devices, and the supplied IR remote makes control a breeze. Furthermore, its fresh design pairs perfectly with modern TVs, and its simple mounting options make this soundbar the perfect solution to power up your TV installations.

Sound Based on Science – The Episode 2.1 Active Soundbar System is designed based on NRC (National Research Council) scientific principles that adhere to three true and accurate sound philosophies: low distortion, wide dispersion, and flat frequency response. Engineered to perfection without compromising value, this system allows you to transform your customers’ listening experience with excellent sound at a favorable price.

Fast and Simple to Install – The Episode 2.1 Active Soundbar easily connects via HDMI, optical, analog, Bluetooth, or USB. With the ability to mount with the keyhole wall mount brackets and template, and its compatibility with the Strong soundbar mount, the 2.1 Active Soundbar System installs with ease.

The Right Connections – Upgrading audio on flatscreens is as simple as connecting this 2.1 system to the TV via HDMI with ARC, optical, or analog cable. Use ARC (Audio Return Channel) for a single connection to deliver audio and control – volume and mute commands are passed from the TV to the soundbar for hassle-free daily use. You can even downmix from multi-channel to 2.1 audio with this setup. It also features Bluetooth and USB connections for added versatility.

Easily Upgrade TV Audio – This 100-watt active soundbar features four 3″ woofers, dual ¾” Teteron dome tweeters, and an 8″ down-firing wireless subwoofer powered by an 80-watt built-in amplifier, providing stellar sound that’s easy to install. Plus, the sub comes paired from the factory and can be placed anywhere within 30 feet of the soundbar.




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