2.5 Gbps PoE+ injektori, 30W

Product number: AN-POE-INJ-MG-30W

This Araknis Networks® Multi-Gig PoE+ Injector is the perfect accessory for connecting a PoE device to a non-PoE switch. Wireless Access Points, IP cameras, control touch pads, and more can be installed with ease thanks to a 30W power output that goes up to 330 feet with a whopping 2.5Gbps of throughput. Plus, this device features silent operation and built-in mounting ears that allow for maximum placement options.

AN-POE-INJ-MG-30W key features:

THE SPEED AND SUPPORT YOU NEED – When it comes to large bandwidth and high-speed Ethernet, this PoE+ injector has you covered, thanks to 2.5Gbps throughput and a 30W power output up to 330 ft. It allows you to connect Wi-Fi 6 APs, stream HD and support PoE devices (like surveillance cameras) with minimal latency and maximum performance.

SILENT OPERATION – Thanks to a completely fanless design, this PoE+ injector provides silent operation you and your customers are sure to love.

ONE-WIRE SOLUTION – This injector is the perfect bolt-on solution to add a PoE device to a non-PoE network switch. By combining an Ethernet input with its 54V supply, it creates a simple one-wire solution that delivers 30W of power and 2.5Gbps data to your PoE-enabled device at the other end, such as an IP camera or control system equipment.

SMALL BUT MIGHTY – The palm-sized design is even smaller than its predecessor, and built-in mounting ears allow this injector to go just about anywhere – on the back of a rack, mounted to the wall, or above a dropped ceiling. Its compact and light form factor fits inside our Strong VersaBox, providing a solution that stays cleanly out of sight.

AC > DC – This injector incorporates an AC inlet instead of a DC power supply, which means there’s no need to convert power via wall wart. This handy feature allows for easy access to all ports and a quicker install.

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