2-kanavainen 70-100V/8ohm DSP-vahvistin, 2000W

Product number: EA-AMP-HYB-2D-2000

Why pay a premium for just a brand name? This high-power hybrid 70V/8-ohm digital amplifier with IP control comes with OvrC cloud management, versatile inputs/outputs, and a compact form factor. But don’t be fooled by its small size – this amp packs a serious punch and has the build quality to last years in your rack. You’ll find this amp is right at home in so many applications, including churches, gyms, restaurants, landscape, and large distributed audio systems.

EA-AMP-HYB-2D-2000 key features:

Cloud Control – Claim this amp in our exclusive cloud management platform, OvrC. Using OvrC, you can access the amp remotely to make configuration changes in the UI and easily update the firmware, which will send you alerts if there are any issues at the customer site.

Adjustable Inputs & Outputs – Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs plus digital inputs allow you to use this amp without a CLEANBox Pro. The adjustable input gain settings let you input a wide range of source levels, including mic level, line level, and pro audio – simply adjust the input level in the UI to match the source. Plus, with loop outs, you always have the option to stack these amps to gain more power and easily loop the wiring.

Control System Integration – Designed for the custom integrator, this amp is unique in that it easily integrates with control systems. Equipped with options for serial, IP, IR, and OvrC cloud control options, this amp is not only a breeze to automate, it’s also easily configured during your install. And with a full set of pre-built drivers, it’s just a matter of dropping in a file to integrate the amp with the control system of your choice.

Compact 1U Design – Get tons of features in an ultra-compact form factor. Our sleek 1U design takes up little of your valuable rack space, and included rack ears make the amp easy to install.

Pre-loaded DSP Settings – To ensure this amp works perfectly with our landscape speaker systems, we’ve pre-loaded a host of DSP settings. Plus, the new UI and front panel allows for easy recall, so that new system will sound amazing in a matter of minutes.

Versatile Configurations – This professional amplifier delivers premium performance for even the largest speaker systems. Install high-powered versatility, with two configurable output channels to support 70V, 8-ohm, and hybrid configurations (2-ohm minimum).

Build Quality – We knew that to compete in the high-powered pro audio space, we had to build this amp with premium quality from the ground up. Our amp has been through extensive testing in high stress environments to ensure its up to the task.

Bring the Bass – The 2-channel configuration of this amp allows for simultaneously powering a large number of 70V speakers and high-powered subs, like our Episode® Landscape Series Burial Subwoofersand Episode® Landscape Series Hardscape Subwoofers. Our detailed install instructions make integrating an amp with our subwoofers easy, giving you increased performance and earth-shattering low notes with zero hassle.

Audio Sense & 12V Trigger – Audio-sense is perfect for connecting to an audio source or mixer – when the source turns off, the amplifier will gracefully go into a power-saving standby mode. The 12V trigger inputs allows you to use a mixer or control system to turn the amp on or off, or have it ”wake up” another device when the amp is activated.

Perfect for Landscape – If you’re installing an outdoor landscape system, then this Episode amp is a must-have. It’s pre-programmed to work with Episode Landscape Speakers and Subwoofers, and fits perfectly with both 70V and 8-ohm systems.





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