24 porttinen 2,5Gb PoE++ L3 LITE hallintakytkin, 720W

Product number: AN-620-SW-R-24-POE

Araknis 620 series switches offer 2.5G throughput, unlocking high speeds offered by many ISPs, while fully supporting bandwidth requirements for Wi-Fi 6. Each PoE++ Type 3 port can deliver up to 60W of power. With its Layer 3 Lite functionality, the 620 series can make the network more efficient by locally routing traffic instead of relying on the router. Plus, the 620 is supported by Snap One’s OvrC remote management platform. OvrC saves you time on every deployment and enables remote management for improved service, post-install. 24 PoE ports with total PoE power budget of 720W.

AN-620-SW-R-24-POE key features:

FULLY MANAGED – LAYER 3 LITE – This switch supports Layer 3 Lite and full Layer 2 functionality for more complex network deployments. Layer 3 Lite makes the network more efficient by leveraging static and inter-VLAN routing to route traffic locally through the switch rather than fully relying on the router.

2.5G THROUGHPUT – High-speed applications like Wi-Fi 6 and >1G ISP services are easily supported with 2.5G throughput on every port.

FULL POE++ UP TO 60W – Fully PoE++ Type 3 capable ports support up to 60W each, and up to 30W each simultaneously.

DUAL SFP+ UPLINKS – Use this switch’s SFP+ ports to provide fiber uplinks for extending the network over long distances. Featuring a dedicated fabric, there’s no backplane sharing with other ports; each has its own dedicated 10G and doesn’t sacrifice dedicated PoE ports with combo ports.

BETTER WITH OVRC – OvrC is a free remote management platform created by Snap One for professionals to remotely manage, configure, and troubleshoot devices on the network. Araknis works with OvrC to extend the switch configuration and management to the cloud. Cloud management enables faster deployments and remote troubleshooting without a truck roll.

CONTROL4 DRIVER FOR MORE CUSTOMIZATION – Experience greater control and customization with the ability to reboot or power on/off the PoE ports or schedule power cycling for PoE-connected devices. With Control4 “Custom Experience” buttons, your clients can turn off Wi-Fi and power down IP cameras, and more.

MULTI-SPEED FANS – The honeycomb venting solution and temperature sensor ensure efficient temperature controls. The sensor drives the speed of the fans based on load and environment, reducing fan noise for quieter operation.

RACK MOUNTABLE – Rack ears and 1U design make mounting the switch convenient and simple.



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