4-kanavainen DALI Led-himmennin, 90-230V~50/60Hz

Product number: EK-GD1-DL-4-HV

The 4-channel DALI-2 dimmer allows brightness control of LED and halogen sources with voltage 80-230V AC 50/60Hz for up to 200W on 4 channels each. Input Bus DALI-2 reference IEC 62386 standard.

EK-GD1-DL-4-HV key features:

Functions / Features:
– Plastic housing
– Device with 4 modular units
– Mounting on 35 mm profile rail (according to EN 60715)
– IP20 degree of protection (device installed)

– Memory function, fade time, minimum and maximum level settable via DALI software
– Dimming up to complete switch-off (dim-to-dark)
– Minimum brightness level: 0.1%
– Dimming curve: linear / logarithmic settable by DALI
– Electronic short-circuit and overload protection


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