4-kanavainen langaton LED ohjausyksikkö

Product number: AXX-DCM4-S-C4ZB-L3-1

The DCM4-S provides compact 4-channel LED control through Zigbee communication. The module can be used for single-channel dimming for four independent loads, or be controlled together as a group via the Master channel control. Supply 12V DC or 24V DC Constant Voltage (CV) power and connect the LED strip to the output. This LED load can be included in Control4 Advanced Lighting Scenes via the Axxess DCM4 (OS 3.3.0+) Light_v2 driver.

AXX-DCM4-S-C4ZB-L3-1 key features:

FLEXIBLE DIMMING – The DCM4-S can dim up to 4-channels independently (not for RBG or CCT). All control inputs can be applied channel by channel or as a master control for all channels. The DCM4-S can dim LED loads from 0-100% duty cycle with a maximum output power of 160 watts per channel. Each channel can have an independent power supply, or all 4 channels can draw power from a single power supply.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION – The DCM4-S is ideal for installations that require smooth, consistent, and flicker-free dimming capability of low-voltage lighting.

ZIGBEE OR RS485 CONTROL – The DCM4-S is controlled via a certified Zigbee Pro Wireless radio or RS485 serial communication. Each channel also has a 0-10VDC input for dimming controls.

WIRING OPTIONS – The DCM4-S requires power from one Class 2-rated 12VDC or 24VDC LED power supply per channel*. If requiring higher wattage than the Class 2 limit, the DCM4-S must be installed in a listed enclosure and then can be powered to the max wattage of 192W per channel. Mix and match 12VDC and 24VDC voltages depending on your load needs. For example, two channels could be powered by a 12VDC Constant Voltage power supply to run 12VDC loads, while a 24VDC CV power supply could power the other two channels to run 24VDC loads.

*Control4 recommends the use of the Creative Lighting 24V Power Supplies that are available in 30, 60, 96, 200, and 300W.