4K HDR 1:8 HDMI-jakaja skaalautuvilla ulostuloilla

Product number: SP-0108-SCL

The SP-0108-SCL is a small and compact, yet powerful HDMI splitter that can be used in many applications, from digital signage, education, to retail or hospitality. Each HDMI output of the SP-0108-SCL features a 4K to 1080p down scaler, allowing for mixed resolution displays to be used simultaneously without suffering from compatibility limitations. An analog and digital S/PDIF audio de-embed allows easy connection for external amplifiers or DSPs.

SP-0108-SCL key features:

OUTPUT SCALERS – Each of the 8 outputs on the SP-0108-SCL feature down scalers, which can be set via dipswitch or API, allowing support for mixed resolution distribution of HDMI content to 4K and 1080p display simultaneously.

AUDIO DE-EMBED – Featuring both an analog and digital S/PDIF, easily de-embed HDMI input audio to a secondary audio distribution system without the need for external adapters or converters.

EDID MANAGEMENT – Previous professional splitters offered basic EDID management with up to 8 different EDID settings, but the SP-0108-SCL provides more flexibility with its advance EDID management, boasting up to 16 pre-loaded EDIDs to choose from, ensuring reliable and consistent video distribution. We’ve further included a custom EDID setting, allowing you to upload your own unique EDID to use, making the SP-0108-SCL’s EDID library virtually unlimited. To make life even easier, manage EDID information through the API, dipswitches or copy and EDID from a display with the front panel buttons.

CEC TRIGGERING – Working automatically on signal presence or triggered via the API, this 1×8 splitter can send power trigger commands to all compatible connected screens or projectors, meaning an integrated autonomous control solution.


HDMI x 8


HDMI x 1




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