6-kanavainen matrisoiva DSP PoE MoIP-suoratoistovahvistin, 50W

Product number: EA-MoIP-AMP-6D-50

Episode MoIP Audio Amplifiers break down barriers in media distribution as the first audio over IP amplifier solution from Episode, built with full MoIP interoperability – the award-winning AV over IP ecosystem from Snap One. Using the network as the backbone, 4K HDR and hi-res audio content can be sent from any number of sources to any number of displays or audio zones to create a completely scalable solution. OvrC makes the system easy to set up, control and manage remotely. Channels: 6.

EA-MoIP-AMP-6D-50 key features:

MORE MEDIA, MORE PLACES – The all-new Episode MoIP amplifiers are a routing and amplification solution for distributed audio and home theater applications. As part of the MoIP ecosystem, the Episode MoIP amplifiers can receive and decode 2-channel PCM or multichannel bitstream (Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1) from any audio or video source on the network, for a flexible, scalable, and easy-to-install distributed audio system.

LOW LATENCY AND CUSTOMIZABLE CONFIGURATIONS – All zone and playback configuration is fully customizable by the installer, meaning the 3-channel amplifier can be perfectly tailored to the client’s space. The Episode MoIP amp is like having an AVR and multizone amp in one box – routed and configured however you need. The MoIP system is built to compensate for latency and ensures optimized audio/video synchronization.

TRANSMIT LOCAL SOURCES ANYWHERE ON THE NETWORK – In addition to being able to play any source on the network, the Episode MoIP amplifiers can also accept local inputs (2 stereo RCA or single coax/Toslink digital) and act as a MoIP transmitter – putting the local input signals on the network for seamless routing and playback anywhere in the space.

BUILT-IN DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR – The built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) delivers onboard 6-band parametric EQ, as well as full volume, speaker size and distance, and other mixing capabilities per output channel, or per zone. Pair these amps with Episode architectural speakers to deliver quality sound with built-in speaker presets. Create, backup, and upload custom presets using built-in test signals and audio analytics. Each amp has an adjustable low-pass/high-pass filter when using subwoofers for detailed audio, letting you and your customer dial in the sound in every room using the OvrC configuration user interface.

SUB OUT IN EVERY ZONE – Dedicated subwoofer outputs per zone make wiring and configuration simple and fast, letting you add an active subwoofer or external subwoofer amplifier?to any room. Adding a subwoofer gives your customers full-frequency audio that delivers a rich and accurate audio experience.

REMOTE MONITORING AND CONFIGURATION – OvrC is a free, cloud-based remote management and monitoring platform designed by Snap One exclusively for professionals. OvrC allows pros to install, monitor, and troubleshoot connected devices remotely.

EASY IP CONTROL – Episode MoIP Amps seamlessly integrates with Control4 and other popular control systems. With an expanding library of pre-built drivers, it’s just a matter of dropping in a file to integrate with the control system of your choice. This amp is not only quick to automate, but it’s also effortlessly configured during your install, giving you and your customers a flawless experience with simple monitoring and control.

EASY, DISCREET INSTALLATION – Small form factor and efficient connections allow for flexible mounting or placement, wherever is convenient. Fit inside a structured wiring enclosure, like a Strong VersaBox, or media cabinet for a seamless install. Included ears for simple, out-of-sight wall or rack mounting.




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