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Product number: TS-PAMP4-125-V2

TS-PAMP4-125-V2 – The Triad PAMP Series power amplifiers are a premium multi-zone audio solution, bringing an elevated experience to any high end distributed audio system. Utilizing the latest audiophile-grade IcePower amplifier technology, the PAMP 4-zone and 8-zone models are able to deliver the utmost in amplification quality and zone count, all in a 1RU form factor. Assignable global inputs and outputs provide maximum routing flexibility, while bridgeable channels double the output power to match the demands of any high end loudspeaker or subwoofer.

TS-PAMP4-125-V2 key features:

MORE POWER, BETTER SOUND – The Triad 4-Zone/8-Channel TS-PAMP4-125-V2 Power Amplifier has been completely redesigned to bring crystal clear, robust sound to your customer’s home, while providing maximum reliability for years to come. Boasting 25% more power than the previous generation, the 125W per channel output will deliver even more dynamic, distortion-free sound throughout the home, while bridgeable outputs provide twice the power for outdoor zones or larger installs.

AUDIOPHILE GRADE, CUTTING EDGE COMPONENTS – Utilizing the latese IcePower Class D amplifier modules, the all new Triad PAMP V2 brings ultra-premium sound in a compact 1RU form factor. With extremely low distortion, noise, and crosstalk, the new PAMP V2 series is a perfect match for even the highest-end hifi speakers in high-end multi-zone projects where performance is the top priority. Global inputs and outputs with independent assignability of any of the 8 zones allow for maximum flexibility in even the largest distributed installations. The redesigned aluminum and acrylic faceplate brings a high tech, premium look to the AV rack.

NEW AND IMPROVED POWER SUPPLY WITH POWER FACTOR CONTROL TECHNOLOGY – The new power supply is around 50% more powerful than in the previous version and incorporates Power Factor Control (PFC). This ensures plenty of power on tap for use in BTL (Bridge) mode when using the Triad PAMP for power hungry subwoofers or high end speakers. This will also provide pristine, dynamic power when run at max volume for hours on end.

DESIGNED AND TESTED TO LAST – WITH 5 YEAR WARRANTY – To ensure peak performance for years to come, we’ve simplified the amplifier stage, reducing the number of circuit boards from 9 in the previous generation to just 1 in the new PAMP V2. Thus, by reducing the number of connectors and cables, we’ve reduced potential fail points, exponentially increasing reliability over the previous generation. We’ve also subjected the new PAMP series to a back-breaking onslaught of quality, environmental, and rapid aging tests above and beyond industry standards to ensure all components perform at their maximum caliber no matter what comes their way – meaning you can sell and install the new Triad PAMP Series with confidence, knowing it will perform for years to come. All backed by our all new Triad Electronics 5 Year Warranty.

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY – The efficiency of both the amplifiers stage and the power supply has been increased. Furthermore, a new design enables individual amplifier channels to shut down when not in use, thereby minimizing power consumption and run-time on the individual amplifier channels. The overall result is that, despite a large increase in power capability, the idle power consumption and heat dissipation has been reduced. This is not only good for the electricity bill, it also means increased lifespan for the PAMP and all of the other equipment in the rack.

A PREMIUM WHOLE HOME AUDIO SOLUTION – Use Triad Power Amplifiers with Triad speakers, Triad audio matrix switches, and Control4 Core Series entertainment and automation controllers to deliver a world-class, high-resolution audio experience.




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