Apollo VX20 lisämikrofoni

Product number: APO-COM-MIC

Add-On microphone for use with the Apollo VX20 video bar. Connect this mic to expand the pickup range in your meeting spaces. Connects to the VX20 via an included USB cable. The APO-COM-MIC can be cascaded up to 3 times. For longer extension requirements the APO-MIC-EXT ethernet extender can be used.

The APO-COM-MIC supports the same features as the VX20 integrated microphones includes AES, ANS & AGC. The mic also includes a 2-way mic mute toggle which is indicated by red LEDs on both the add-on mic and the VX20’s status LED. The APO-COM-MIC can also be cascaded up to three times by connecting an additional mic to the USB port labeled “EXT MIC”. The connection distance can be increased by using the APO-MIC-EXT* which is a point-to-point USB to ethernet extender. This extender connects in between the VX20 and the APO-COM-MIC to allow up to a 60m extension for installing cables through the floor, walls, or ceilings.

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