810 sarjan Wave2 AC 2600 WLAN tukiasema

Product number: AN-810-AP-I-AC

Araknis Networks® 810 Series Indoor Wireless Access Point. 4×4:4 Wave 2 AC antenna allows connection speed up to 2600Mbps aggregate.

AN-810-AP-I-AC – For your most robust networking installs, the Araknis Networks® 810-series Wave 2 AC 2600 Indoor Wireless Access Point delivers the fastest speed on the highest number of devices. The latest Wave 2 AC technology permits more devices to talk to the access point simultaneously, making it perfect for high-density networks with multiple wireless clients. With 4×4:4 Wave 2 Wireless AC antenna, this WAP delivers a reliable connection with speed up to 2600Mbps. A stylish round design makes for easy mounting and a modern look. Beyond its shape, it fits flush against the ceiling, and the LED is hidden inside, making for a gentle, diffuse light.

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