Asennuskotelo X20 sarjan Bullet- ja Turret-kameroille

Product number: LUM-A20-JB-FX-BT

If there’s no J-box behind the turret and bullet cameras, where do you hide the wires? An extension mount provides plenty of room to conceal connections; it’s an ideal solution for surface-mount applications like masonry or stucco walls. This mount also includes two openings, so you can wire your camera in from the wall or through a handy side conduit.

LUM-A20-JB-FX-BT key features:

COLOR-MATCHED CONSTRUCTION – Luma accessories are color-matched to the cameras, providing a finished, family look. And because they’re made from cast aluminum instead of plastic, they are superior to generic solutions in durability and tamper resistance.

SIMPLIFIED WIRE MANAGEMENT – Provide a clean mounting option for any surface using our durable extension box is best suited for surface-mount applications; use it with masonry or attach it to a stucco wall with confidence.

CUSTOM WIRING OPTIONS – For unconventional install configurations, this extension mount features both back and side openings, so you can loop wires into the mount right from the wall, or from a side conduit. Plus, the removable conduit connector allows you to hide unsightly wires, store pigtail connections, and protect wires from the elements and potential vandalism.






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