Binary 900 sarjan 4K Media over IP vastaanotin audio alasmiksauksella

Product number: B-900-MOIP-4K-RX-2AC

Binary™ 900 Series 4K Media over IP Receivers with Audio Downmixing

B-900-MOIP-4K-RX-2AC – Binary™ 900 Series 4K Media over IP Receivers, when joined in a system with MoIP Transmitters (B-900-MOIP-4K-TX or B-900-MOIP-4K-TX-RAC) and one MoIP Controller, create a highly scalable, flexible IP media distribution system delivering visually lossless 4K HDR (HDR 30Hz and HDCP 2.2 compatible) video. Operating on a cost-effective gigabit Layer 2 PoE switch, this setup is the fastest and simplest out there. Plus, with Audio Downmixing and Audio Lip Sync adjustment, you’ll have ultimate audio flexibility. Additionally, OvrC remote management allows for quick system setup, easy troubleshooting with access to live screenshots of source stream and fast, simple firmware updates. MoIP Receivers also include an integrated video scaler, allowing 4K source content to be simultaneously distributed to both 4K and 1080p displays, plus audio breakout. Lastly, RS-232, IR, and IP drivers for popular control systems provide tremendous flexibility in system design.


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