Connect HANDSTAND kantotelakka

Product number: 72365

The Connect HandStand provides an easy solution for carrying and using iPad in the field by attaching it to a Connect Case. The Connect HandStand allows a comfortable holding and operating option for iPad on the go. Once Locked onto the case, Handstand allows the iPad to rotate 360 degrees while secured on your hand for optimum operating comfort. When done holding the iPad in a Connect Case, quickly and easily pivot the bottom of the handstand out to rest the iPad on a table and work with the iPad in portrait or landscape orientations.

Compatible with Connect and Connect Pro cases.

HandStand key features:
– Once the strap is secured to your hand you can rotate the iPad in any direction that is comfortable to use.
– The CONNECT Hand Stand can also be used as a stand to hold and support the iPad on a desk or table. Simply rotate the stand out away from the iPad and set your desired viewing angle.



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