Control4 8-kanavainen himmennin

Product number: C4-DIN-8APD-E

DIN-Rail 8-Channel Adaptive Phase Dimmer. Each channel can be set to different dimming modes including Switch mode, Forward Phase mode, Reverse Phase mode, and Autodetect mode.

C4-DIN-8APD-E – The Control4 DIN-Rail 8-Channel Adaptive Phase Dimmer controls up to eight loads from one module in the Control4 system. It is an adaptive phase dimmer, so each channel supports a variety of load types including incandescent, halogen, electronic low-voltage (solid-state) transformer, magnetic (iron core) low-voltage transformer, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, LED, and motor. The DIN-Rail 8-Channel Adaptive Phase Dimmer automatically detects the load type and sets the appropriate dimming mode.



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