Control4 / KNX rajapinta

Product number: EK-BR1-TP

Modular KNX S-mode device with advanced IP-KNX interface function and integrated webserver. It offers a range of connectivity and functional services to a Control4 supervision system in installations with Ekinex KNX devices.

EK-BR1-TP key features:

– IP-KNX gateway
– ETS project import
– Sending/receiving commands from KNX devices within the Control4 system
– Programming of command sequences (scenes) and execution with simple connections in COMPOSER PRO using specific drivers
– Execution of logics that can be configured with a graphic editor and run in the background
– KNX diagnostics with notification sent to CONTROL4 in the event of malfunctions or configurable events on the KNX bus
– Load management and monitoring of electricity consumption with management dependent on global current absorption, using specific Control4 drivers



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