Control4 Multi-Purpose asennuskotelo (15” x 15”), musta

Product number: C4-MPIWB-BL

Monikäyttöinen seinään upotettava asennuskotelo Control4 ohjainlaitteille tai TRIAD 2-kanavaisille vahvistimille. Soveltuu käytettäväksi hyvin mm. TV-telineiden kanssa. Materiaali: Metalli. Väri: musta.

C4-MPIWB-BL – The Control4 Multi-Purpose In-Wall Box gives you a new and convenient way to install the Triad One High-Resolution Streaming Amplifier, the Triad 1-Zone High-Power Amplifier, the EA-1 or the EA-3 controller into most walls. Perfect for positioning equipment behind the latest ultra-slim TVs, the Multi-Purpose In-Wall Box has a knockout for a standard US power outlet, space for cabling, and a grommet in the magnetic grill for cable exit. The Multi-Purpose In-Wall Box is designed to be used with one of the following:
– Triad One High-Resolution Streaming Amplifier
– Triad 1-Zone High-Power Amplifier
– Control4 EA-1 Controller (bracket needed)
– Control4 EA-3 Controller (bracket needed)

Tie off points are also featured for cable management or other devices, as well as multiple knockouts for low-voltage wiring.