Creative Lighting UBi Power DALI virtalähde/testeri

Product number: CRE-UBI-V2-PWR

UBi Power – DALI Power Supply & Line Breakout – Fed up with DALI cables all twisted together? Want a fast way to disconnect the controller and parts of the line during commissioning? Want a safer and quicker way to connect to the DALI line? Every UBi Power can create up to 5 branches of a DALI line. Simply put a DALI line into one of the 2-way pluggable terminals, and then use any combination of the 4 remaining terminal pairs to route your cable any way you like. Or, if you want the UBi to be a power supply, simply power a UBi Power with 24VDC and it will power your DALI line with 21.9VDC 245mA and still give you 5 DALI connections – one for your DALI controller and four to branch however you like.

The UBi also features two 600VAC-rated banana jack inputs which makes it exceptionally easy to use with the Control Freak ADDICT commissioning device; plug the ADDICT into the UBi and you are straight onto the DALI line, ready to commission and diagnose.

CRE-UBI-V2-PWR key features:

– DALI PSU to power DALI line
– 5 x 2-way DALI terminals + banana jack inputs
– Test button to Min/Max lights repeatedly – productivity boost during commissioning and fault finding


Product manual