Digitaalinen kellokytkin, KNX

Product number: EK-TM1-TP

The EK-TM1-TP electronic digital time switch is a KNX device for the management over time of the electrical devices. It allows time programming (periodicity: daily, weekly or annual) or astronomical programming. The device can pilot 9 different channels on KNX bus. The relay on the device replicates the channel 1 programming. Each channel can be associated with a different programming (time or astronomical). It is possible to connect via bus the EK-GPS-1 module (to be ordered separately), that captures the time and the position through the satellite system, ensuring a greater accuracy over time. The backup battery keeps the settings even in case of power failure and can be replaced through the cover (sealable).

EK-TM1-TP key features:

– Power supply: 115 ÷ 230 Vac (-15% ÷ +10%) 50/60 Hz
– Power consumption: 7 VA (2.6 W)
– Output: 1 monostable switching relay 16(10) A at 250 Vac


Product manual