DigitaLinx 3 x 3 (2 x HDMI, 1 x USB-C) konferenssikytkin USB3.0 hubilla

Product number: DL-SCU33-SW

DL-SCU33-SW – 4K60 18G 3 Input & 3 Output Web-Conferencing Switcher/Hub with HDMI, USB-C, USB3.0-B, & USB3.0-A ports for creating BYOM connectivity in a dedicated Zoom/Teams Room.

DL-SCU33-SW Key Features:
– Enables multi-format switching between BYOM (bring your own meeting) devices such as laptops and dedicated room systems such as Zoom, Teams, etc
– Provides AV switching and USB routing for BYOM and cloud-based conferencing applications
– Allows USB peripherals to switch between dedicated room systems & BYOM devices
– Complete Plug and Play, NO additional driver or software required to be recognized by the computer
– Dual Screen Capability is available even in BYOM mode providing a seamless experience for the user by mirroring content onto the second display
– Compact size allows flexible mounting locations. (Mounting brackets included) 
– USB-C port provides up to 60 watts of charging power, creating an all-in-one cable connection for USB, AV and Power
– Easily connect devices such as cameras, microphones, and speakers using built-in USB hub
– Extract analog audio from HDMI inputs
– Integrated contact closure for switching between modes by third-party devices such as keypad/button
– Built-in CEC controller allows for touchless display control and automation
– Control software is designed for event driven architecture where actions are executed in real time
– The ”Share” HDMI output allows for the existing HDMI presentation cable to be used in dedicated room system mode or BYOM mode


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