DigitaLinx KVM kytkimen HDBT vastaanotin USB hubilla

Product number: DL-SCU-RX

DL-SCU-RX – 4K 70m HDBaseT Receiver for SoftCodec series switchers w/ HDMI output & input, audio de-embed, RS232, & contact closures.

DL-SCU-RX Key Features:
– Optional HDBaseT Receiver for SoftCodec switcher / extenders up to 70 meters
– PoH power remotely powers soft codec transmitters from this receiver
– HDMI input adds 1 additional input to the switcher/extender for local sources such as wireless BYOD, AppleTV, or a local computer
– Complete Plug and Play, NO additional driver or software required to be recognized by the computer
– 2 USB-A ports extend the USB hub from the switcher and provide USB2.0 high speed connection back to the transmitter
– Analog audio (Balanced / UnBalanced) audio de-embedding
– 1 RS232 and 2 Relay connections for simple room automation or control. Power on/off display and open/close screen or shades when a signal is presented or removed


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