1080P USB 2.0/PTZ kokouskamera, musta

Product number: DL-USB-PTZ10-B

TeamUp+ Series 10X USB 2.0 PTZ Camera with Wall Mount. USB 2.0 PTZ Web Conferencing Camera. Color: Black.

DL-USB-PTZ10-B key features:
– Zoom UC Feature: Supports all Zoom Room features and has been tested to conform with the latest Zoom Certification Program for the highest performance and ultra-reliability
– Complete Plug and Play: NO additional driver or software required to be recognized by the computer
– Compatibility: Most leading video conferencing software and platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and many others
– Resolution: Full HD Resolution providing resolution up to 1920x 1080P with a frame rate up to 30fps
– Lens: Panasonic ½,9” high-quality CMOS sensor
– Optical Zoom: 10x providing a horizontal field of view range between 8.8° (tele) to 66° (wide)
– AV Outputs: USB 2.0
– Power: The USB Camera can be powered from the USB 2.0 port. *Distance, Cable quality and PC connection may require the camera to use the provided power supply
– Multiple Control Interfaces: RS485, RS232-in, RS232-out, and RS232 interface supporting cascade connection
– Multiple Control Protocols: IR, UVC, VISCA, Pelco
– Package includes: Camera Wall Mount, IR Remote control, Control Cable, Power Supply and USB Cable
– Dimensions (WxHxD): 156.8mm×112.6mm×139.5mm
– Color: black





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