USB 3.0 porttilaajennin (4 x USB-AF, 1 x USB-AM)

Product number: DL-4USB-HUBP

This portable USB Hub turns one of your computer’s USB ports into four (4) for device charging and data distribution. We have added a Micro USB port for additional power insertion that can be accomplished using the provided external power supply. Easily add up to 4 devices with the Liberty USB Hub, now every port is equipped with USB 3. 0 technology which is capable of transferring data at speeds of up to 5gbps. The combination of having a USB-A or USB-C using an adapter allows one device to be compatible with a variety of personal devices saving time, confusion, and cost.

DL-4USB-HUBP key features:
– Overview: 4-in-1 Liberty Powered USB Hub expands the limited USB connectivity and power of your computer by offering a USB hub with power insertion using the provided external power supply and USB adapter for connecting to any device
– Ports: USB-A 3.1 Gen.1 male connection with 4x USB-A 3.0 female, 1x USB-Micro female power port, LED indicator, and 1x USB-A female to USB-C male adapter
– USB 3.0 Compliance: Gen USB 3.1 while being fully backward compatible for USB 3.0/ USB 2.0/ USB 1.1
– USB 3.0 Data Transfer Rate: Up to 5Gbps shared between ports
– USB-Micro Power port: Insert up to 2 Amps of additional power delivery, intended for powering USB peripherals such as web cameras.
– When using the provided power supply: maximum power 5V, 2A for shared four ports.
– When receiving power from the personal device and not using the external power supply: maximum 5V, 500mA for shared four ports.
– Dimensions: 104.75mm(L) x 30.1mm(W) x 12mm(H)
– Package Includes: USB Hub, external power supply, usb-a to c adapter and user manual
– Complete Plug and Play: No additional setup or configuration required
– Requirements: A laptop or dedicated personal computer with an available Full-featured USB-C or USB-A port running Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or macOS X v10.0 or above operating systems

– Other: When NO external power source is connected, devices connected to this hub should not exceed the total current of 900mA, For best performance we recommend using the provided power supply. Otherwise, the power sent to the connected devices may become intermittent or disconnected. The actual power provided to each USB device and port is based on typical USB standards.

For typical power reference, the below devices are often rated as follows:
Mouse: 100mA
Keyboard: Max. 500mA
Web Camera: 480mA
USB Microphone: 480mA
Portable Hard Disk: Max. 500mA
USB 3.0 Portable Hard Disk: Max. 900mA

*Please double-check the specific rating of your devices before connecting into the Liberty USB Type C Hub.



Product manual