Episode 1D digitaalinen subwoofer vahvistin, 500W

Product number: EA-AMP-SUB-1D-500R

EA-AMP-SUB-1D-500R Digital Subwoofer Amplifier – This digital subwoofer amplifier with front panel display and dual sub outputs runs steady at 500 Watts at 4 ohm, and is fine-tuned with custom EQ settings to be used with our dual 8″ in-wall, 10” hardscape, or 12” burial subs.

Power output:
– 500W RMS (4hom)
– 250W RMS (8ohm)

EA-AMP-SUB-1D-500R key features:

– Front Panel Display: This amp’s front panel screen displays the volume level and other control settings. Access the menu function screen using the selection knob to adjust volume, crossover, phase, and EQ settings. It also allows you to select sound mode, night mode, and power mode settings, and can assign an IR device ID for control system integration. Plus, there is a lock control setting that prevents accidental changes in settings.

– Custom EQ Settings: This Episode® amplifier offers flexibility to enable or disable EQ settings. There are 3 custom EQ settings optimized for our subwoofers.

– Power Mode Selection: Intelligent power management allows the amp to turn on automatically, either when an audio signal is detected or by using a 12V trigger from your AV receiver or processor. An illuminated front-mounted push button also allows you to turn the amplifier on or off when set to the always-on mode.

– Connections: RCA line level inputs and pass-through outputs allow you to connect additional amplifiers, while the 12V trigger input and output allows you to connect another 12V trigger device; the amp also has dual sub outputs in parallel configuration.

– Rackmount Installation Option: Rack ears with three fastening points help eliminate sag when the amp is installed into a rack, while top cover and side panel ventilation slots allow better airflow.

– Control System Integration: Features an IR port to connect an IR device. Simply connect an IR repeater or IR controls system to the IR port on the back of the amplifier, and set the device ID in the front panel controls menu.

– Subsonic Circuits: A limiter circuit has been incorporated into the amp to protect the connected subwoofer from harsh or damaging distortion that could not only ruin the listening experience, but the woofer


Product manual