HALO videobar kokouskameran lisämikrofoni

Product number: HALO-COM-MIC

Add-on microphone for use with the HALO-VX10-V2 video bar. Connect this mic to expand the pickup range. Connects to the VX10 via an included USB cable. The HALO-COM-MIC can be cascaded up to 3 times. Microphone Includes AEC, background noise reduction, automatic gain control to make all participants feel like they are in the same room. Pick up range is 3 – 5 meters.

HALO-COM-MIC key features:

Built-in MEMS microphone array – The microphone array includes AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), AGC (Automatic Gain Control), and noise-cancelling to pick-up sounds.
Cascade Function – Can be cascaede up to 3 times for extended pickup range with HALO-VX10-V2
Easy and flexible installation – Small & compact design with a minimal footprint. Support same direction or opposite direction cable out
One-button Design – Convenient mute toggle button with LED for microphone
360° Voice Pickup – Round-design and 4 Mics to make sure it could catch the sound within 3-5m

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