HT Reference sarjan surround seinäkaiutin

Product number: ES-HTR-IWSURR-6

Deliver exceptional home theater audio with this first-ever reference level offering from Episode. Episode Home Theater solutions are guided by the brand’s approach to ”Sound Based on Science,” offering premium components that provide faithful audio reproduction. The Episode Home Theater Reference series is acoustically matched to pair with other Episode speakers for an immersive, cinematic audio experience.

ES-HTR-IWSURR-6 key features:

RIGID MDF CABINETS WITH ALUMINUM BAFFLE – All Episode Home Theater products feature rigid MDF (medium density fiberboard) construction. Unlike inexpensive particle board, MDF is dense and reduces vibration, preventing SPL (sound pressure level) loss and delivering cleaner sound. The removable enclosure back improves bass extension and can be used in a large stud bay.

2-WAY DESIGN WITH AMBIENT AND DIRECT MODES – Based on project or installer needs, 2-way design allows this speaker to be installed like a traditional direct radiating or bipole/dipole inwall surround speaker or used as a ceiling mounted height channel.

1″ ALUMINUM DOME TWEETER – Aluminum tweeters are strong, lightweight, and react quickly to changes in music. By chambering the tweeter and pairing it with a copper shorting ring, fundamental resonance and distortion are reduced, enhancing sound quality.

1-1/4″ ALUMINUM DOME WIDE BAND TRANSDUCERS – Using the Sound Field Management switches for the Aluminum Dome Wide Band Transducers, installers can change and enhance the perception of acoustic spaciousness and envelopment to optimize the listening experience for the specific space and speaker layout.

CARBON FIBER WOOFERS WITH INVERTED SURROUNDS – Premium components like a strong carbon fiber cone resist deformation, while the rigid die-cast basket reduces mid-bass distortion and increases cooling. Inverted ribbed surrounds increase effective piston area and excursion to behave like an accordion, allowing stretching and more linear cone excursion, all preventing sound distortion at higher volumes.

SECOND ORDER 2-WAY LINKWITZ-RILEY FILTERS WITH ZOBEL IMPEDANCE MATCHING – The Linkwitz-Riley filters with Zobel impedance matching found in Episode Home Theater Reference Speakers linearize system impedance, improve dynamic range, and promote a better listening experience while allowing the amplifier powering the speaker to work more efficiently.

TONAL BALANCE AND SPATIAL SOUND CONTROLS – Bass and tweeter Tonal Balance Controls can be used to optimize the speaker for the install environment while the Spatial Sound Controls enable selection of either bipole or dipole usage and allow fine tuning of audio dispersion and intensity based on listening position, optimizing the audio in any seat.





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