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Product number: ES-HT-IRATM-4

The Episode Home Theater lineup delivers performance-based, value-added speakers for multi-purpose and dedicated home theater spaces. With a refreshed design, upgraded driver technology, and support for the latest immersive surround formats like Dolby Atmos, Home Theater is on pace with today’s market needs for home theater audio.

ES-HT-IRATM-4 key features:

RIGID MDF CABINETS – All Episode Home theater products feature MDF (medium-density fiberboard) construction. MDF is dense and reduces vibration, preventing sound pressure loss.

CARBON FIBER WOOFERS WITH 1″ VOICE COIL – Carbon fiber, one of the strongest cone materials available for speaker construction, allows for higher volume while resisting deformation that would result in sound distortion.

1″ ALUMINUM DOME TWEETER – Aluminum tweeters are strong, lightweight, and react well to changes in music. We’ve chambered the tweeter and paired it with a copper shorting ring to improve sound quality by reducing the fundamental resonance and distortion.

2ND ORDER LINKWITZ–RILEY FILTERS – Linkwitz-Riley filters, designed together to perform in a paired tweeter and woofer, use a crossover network to support summing at the crossover point so that frequency response remains flat and to create a smoothly changing phase response.

ACOUSTICALLY TRANSPARENT LOCAL MAGNETIC GRILLES – Local grilles minimize the acoustical interaction with the speaker, for better sound quality with less interference. Optional traditional full cloth grille available.

MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS – Available in High Gloss Black, High Gloss White, and Walnut colors to coordinate with a wide variety of décor and match other Episode products.

HEIGHT MODULE WITH ACOUSTICAL COMPENSATION SWITCH – The Episode Home Theater Series height module can be placed on top of our in-room speakers, surface mounted, or mounted on a wall or ceiling with the included mounting hardware for object-based surround sound. The direct sound/reflected sound switch optimizes the effects of the speaker in different system layouts.

GOLD PLATED 5-WAY BINDING POSTS – High quality 5-way gold-plated binding posts ensure a secure connection.


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