Kääntyvä seinään kiinnitettävä laitekaappi, 18U

Product number: SR-WMS-18U

For installs needing equipment locked up and off the floor, this welded Strong® Rack System arrives fully assembled with a swing kit, vented top and base, a tempered, reversible door, and removable side panels. Hardened steel hinge pins provide reliable swing and sag resistance, while locking latches on the front door, side panels, and swing kit keep the equipment secure. A welded design provides rugged reliability, and to top it all off, convenient knockout panels with screw-on panels and marked rails offer simpler wire management. Size: 18U.

SR-WMS-18U key features:

Out of the Box – Because this rack arrives fully assembled in a box, you won’t need to waste time on assembly. Simply mount the swing kit using the included bolts and hang the rack on the swing kit’s hinges. Even better, it’s fully welded together for reliable sag resistance, delivering additional stability on the wall.

Universal Hinges – Using dealer feedback, we changed our bolts to make these hinges even more accessible for short sockets. Universal hinges support a swing in both directions: all you have to do is unscrew the hinges from the back and attach to either side. Meanwhile, the tinted, tempered glass door is removable and reversible, giving you the flexibility to get the job done right.

Locking Latches – Thanks to tamper-resistant, locking latches on the swing kit, side panels, and front door, your customer’s valuable equipment can be securely locked away. Plus, when it’s time to access the gear, the door and bolt-on side panels remove quickly and easily.

Easy Open – Our Strong® swing kit features built-in steel hinge pins that provide durable, reliable swing while preventing sag. They work in tandem with the conical guide pins on the rack to make closing the swing kit easy, even when it’s loaded down with lots of equipment.

Knock Outs – Cable management is simplified with this smart rack. Removable panels on the top and bottom of the rack and on the swing kit provide ample space for wiring, while slots on each rail keep wires tidy.

Rail Smart – We labeled the rails, so whether you’re installing from the top down, on the front, or on the back, you’ll always know the equipment is going into the right location – without worrying about your measurements being off.

Removable Wall Brackets – You wanted an easier way to switch the door hinges, so we listened! Our wall brackets are now removable, so you can access your gear more easily.

Simple Cooling Integration – Convenient vents in the top of this model enable an easy install of a Cool Components™ Fan Kit for active cooling integration.



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