KNX ääniohjaus rajapinta

Product number: EK-BW1-TP

Device with interface function between a KNX network (TP, twisted pair) and home speakers equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The interface, connected to Ekinex cloud services, is suitable for the control by voice commands of light, climate and motorization of a modern KNX standard building. The product is designed for installation on DIN profile rail and occupies 2 modules. The 12-24 Vdc power supply is external (power supply not included in the supply). The product with hardware based on embedded operating system, has a KNX TP node (twisted pair) and can therefore be connected directly to the bus network of KNX devices. The external connectivity is realized through the Ethernet port that connects the device directly to the home router.

EK-BW1-TP key features:

– 12-24 Vdc power supply (absorption 240 mA at 12 Vdc) by means of a special plug-in terminal supplied. Power supply not included
– KNX TP bus (twisted pair) via red-black terminal provided
– 1 Ethernet port via cat. 5 or higher cable and standard RJ45 connector
– 2 frontal LEDs: POWER LED for signalling the presence of power supply; SERVICE LED for signalling particular operations in progress.
– 1 RESET button housed under the front cover on the back of the vertical card
– 1 RS485 port: not used
– 1 USB 2.0 port: not used

The integrated web server provides access to the configuration environment and provides the following functions:
– Interface network settings
– Registration and subscription to Ekinex cloud services
– Automatic import of the ETS project and merging with previous imports
– Configuration of voice control accessories (max 150 accessories): lighting (on/off, dimmed and RGB), motorizations (open/close stop and position) and climate
– Configuration of action sequences on the KNX bus, which can be called up as scenarios by voice assistants
– Configuration of the IFTTT (If This Than That) cloud platform for the creation of association rules between events on the KNX bus and compatible services (e.g. sending e-mail)

On the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps, the Ekinex skill and action are available respectively for the complete configuration of the service.


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