KNX/IP-reititin, secure

Product number: EK-IF1-SEC-TP

The Ekinex® EK-IF1-SEC-TP IP router realises a bi-directional data connection between PC or laptop and KNX bus system via LAN. The IP interface supports the tunnelling protocol and allows addressing, parameter setting, visualisation, protocolling and diagnosis of KNX bus devices via ETS. A line/area coupler function is also integrated in the IP router; telegrams can be exchanged between KNX TP bus lines via the device via a backbone over TCP/IP. The device has an integrated KNX bus communication module and is designed for 35 mm profile rail mounting. The power supply is supplied via the KNX bus.

EK-IF1-SEC-TP key features:

– Plastic housing
– Programming button and LED on the front
– LEDs for status and data traffic signalling on bus line and Ethernet network
– Buttons for activating special functions
– Connection to bus line via KNX terminal
– Connection to Ethernet network via RJ45 connector
– Mounting on 35 mm profile rail (in accordance with EN 60715)
– Device from 1 modular unit (1 UM = 18 mm)
– IP20 degree of protection (device installed)
– Support of KNX secure technology, can be activated via ETS®
– KNX line/area coupler functionality



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