KNX virtalähde 640 mA

Product number: EK-AB1-TP

The Ekinex® 640 mA KNX bus power supply supplies and monitors the 30 Vdc voltage required by the KNX bus for operation. An integrated choke provides for decoupling power supply and bus line. On a bus line powered by a 640 mA power supply unit may be connected a maximum of 64 bus devices. Output is protected from overload and short-circuit.

EK-AB1-TP key features:

– Input voltage: 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
– Power absorption 22 W
– Loss < 3 W
– Output voltage (KNX bus): 30 Vdc
– Nominal current (output total): 640 mA
– Buffer time: 200 ms


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