Laajennettava 19″ seinäteline, 8–22U

Product number: SR-WM-SK-19

These skeleton racks offers all the features of a traditional rack while also attaching to a wall for added convenience and security. It stores up to 150 pounds of equipment and features a powder-coated steel frame and strong, smooth welds for outstanding durability. Loaded with installer-friendly features and built for residential and commercial applications, this rack gets equipment off the floor and out of the way for a custom solution that’s simple and convenient.

SR-WM-SK-19 key features:

SIMPLE CONVENIENT ON-WALL STORAGE – Store up to 150lbs of rack equipment off the floor and out of the way for a custom solution that perfectly fits your customers’ layouts.

BUILT SPECIFICALLY FOR PROFESSIONAL INTEGRATORS – These bad boys feature powder-coated steel and strong hinges for outstanding durability. They are also flat-packed for easy shipping and transfer to any job site. Additionally, all racks are shipped with Strong’s latest hardened steel slip-resistant screws, adding further strength and longevity to your install.

ON THE JOB VERSATILITY – These skeleton racks are available in innovative and expandable 8U, 12U, and 22U designs to ensure the right fit for any job while offering convenient future expandability. Each size is also compatible with Wirepath patch panels and Strong accessories.


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