LED-nauhan jatkoliitin kahdelle johtimelle (5 kpl)

Product number: C4-LCB5-2W

Connector Block Two-Wire Without Lead – Vibrant tape light easily connects to another segment of tape light with the Connector Blocks to extend the run in just a couple of simple steps. Align the polarity of the two pieces of tape light, use the emery board to scrape off a small amount of the nano-coating that covers the conductors where the two pieces of tape light will connect, then close the clamshell connector until it snaps into place.

C4-LCB5-2W key features:

– Connector Blocks available with 2-wire leads (fixed color or warm dimming), or none without leads
– IP20 rated connector compatible with IP54 Vibrant tape light
– Dimensions (H x W x D): 1/2in (12mm) by 1/2in (12mm) by 0.3in (7mm)