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Product number: EA-300-LYNK

Episode Lynk is an audio casting interface connecting to an amp, allowing users to cast music from their mobile devices to their audio system using Bluetooth, AirPlay2, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect. A great-value, all-in-one solution, Lynk offers reliable performance using hardline Ethernet, as well as Wi-Fi. No additional apps are required because Lynk uses the built-in interface of a user’s device. Users can leverage Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri to operate their system. Seamlessly integrated, Lynk connects the source, amp, and speaker to form a complete signal chain.

EA-300-LYNK key features:

ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION – Simple and easy integration with no additional application required. Makes any amp smart! Use with an Episode Dynamic or Response amplifier to provide a user with an easy method to send music wirelessly from their phone to a room.

SUPPORTS ALL MAJOR CASTING PROTOCOLS – Support for AirPlay2, Spotify Connect, Google Chromecast, and Bluetooth, whether you are an iPhone or Android the user, Episode Lynk has you covered for all audio casting needs.

MULTI-ROOM – Use multiple Lynks – one per room/amplifier zone – to give your customers the ability to create groups using AirPlay2 or Chromecast.

USER-FRIENDLY – Customers need to only use the native application of their choice to stream content – no frustrating juggling of multiple applications or need to learn another platform.

ENABLES VOICE CONTROL – Since the Lynk is AirPlay2 and Chromecast enabled, you can use Apple Siri or Google Assistant to play music through the Lynk.

RELIABLE CONNECTIVITY – Uses an ethernet hardline for reliable performance or Wi-Fi when you can’t easily connect the Lynk to Ethernet.

FLEXIBLE AUDIO OPTIONS – Combination 3.5mm Stereo Analog and Optical output allow the Lynk to be used with a multitude of other products. 3.5mm Optical Adaptor is even included in the box!

OVRC INTEGRATION – Use OVRC to configure and manage the Lynk remotely, making it fast to deploy and maintain.

CONTROL4 INTEGRATION – Integrate with Control4 seamlessly to add Bluetooth, AirPlay2, and Chromecast to a Control4 System. The Lynk driver can even automatically turn on configured rooms when a casting session begins.



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