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Product number: SR-FANBRACKET-4

This Strong™ fan rack bracket attaches directly to the top of our Signature Series (SR-FANBRACKET-4) and Custom Series (SR-FANBRACKET-2 and -4) racks. Each bracket comes with preinstalled Cool Components™ 120mm DC powered fans, making it a breeze to install your cooling system. Plus, these DC fans provide flexible control options so you can control the fan speed and how cool your rack gets. Fans: 4.

SR-FANBRACKET-4 key features:

Easy Install – These handy fan brackets – complete with pre-installed Cool Components™ fans – pop right in the top of the Custom Series racks. Just bolt down, power up, and you’re left with a simple, effective cooling solution that doesn’t eat up precious U space.

Whisper Quiet – The included Cool Components™ fans are whisper quiet thanks to a special levitation bearing system that ‘floats’ the spindle, eliminating contact between the spindle and bearings, and resulting in quiet and long-lasting operation.

Variable Voltage Power Supply – Each unit comes with a variable AC to DC voltage regulator. That means the fans are adjustable from 7-12V so you can control their speed and achieve the perfect temperature for the job.

Compatibility – This unit is compatible with the Cool Components™ Advanced LT Temperature Controller, Advanced System Controller, and Dual Advanced System Controller. Simply connect to one of these systems when you want to let the rack temperature itself control your fan speed and to help cut back on unnecessary power usage.


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