OvrC Pro etähallinta lisenssi + 1GB Hub

Product number: OVRC-300-PRO

OvrC Pro extends your visibility and access to the entire network of IP devices, including non-SnapAV products, all within the same OvrC platform you love. With OvrC Pro, you get access to enhanced troubleshooting capabilities and diagnostic data that makes remote support easy, eliminating unnecessary truck rolls and enabling you to provide world-class service to your clients. To stay up to date on the latest OvrC features and functionality, check out our blog.

OVRC-300-PRO key features:

View System Health – The Location Dashboard view displays a quick snapshot of a location’s system
health for vital troubleshooting clues.

Network Diagnostics – View ISP speed trends and understand the source of the network latencies to
identify whether an issue is internal or external.

Scan & Monitor Devices – Find all IP devices on the network and relay relevant device information to OvrC
and regularly ping their online status.

Advanced Remote Access to Devices – Automatically scan the ports and services available on devices and make them
accessible with a click of a button, all without port forwarding, VPN, or any
other network setup.

Product Integration – Get enhanced diagnostics data and troubleshooting capabilities from an evergrowing list of supported products.

To learn more, visit www.ovrc.com


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