WA-2200 sarjan Wave2 AC 1300 WLAN tukiasema

Product number: WA-2200-1

802.11AC 2×2 Wave 2 Access Point. WA-2200 delivers a sleek, more aesthetically designed form factor that will delight your customers. A mounting template and accessory kit are included in the box for easier installation. 802.3af PoE compliance eliminates extra wiring and reduces PoE power draw.

The WA-2200 is best for small to large homes demanding the best possible performance for high-throughput and real-time, latency-sensitive applications. The WA-2200 is engineered with a new, high-speed chipset delivering faster speeds, greater reliability, and smooth client hand offs anywhere in the home. Next-generation wireless technology, including beamforming and Wave 2 MU-MIMO, ensure high-throughput connectivity for bandwidth-intensive devices and real-time applications.

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