Planet Waves 2 x RJ45/3.5mm ja 1 x RJ45/DB9 sarjaporttiadapteri, pakkaus

Product number: PW-LINKKIT

Planet Waves™ 2x RJ45 to 3.5SP 1 Straight 1 Rt Angle w/RJ45 Adapter.

PW-LINKKIT – With Planet Waves Link Control Cables, serial control connections from your AV system’s output ports to your display or device are simplified! Input ports are provided on many of today’s most popular displays, such as Samsung Ex-Link and others.*  Planet Waves Link Control Cables allow fast and easy serial connections to your input control port from many of the most popular control systems, including Savant, RTI, Control4, AMX, and more! RS232 and Serial connections have never been easier than with Planet Waves Link Control Cables.

*Always verify compatibility and system pinout.

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