Radiance ääni- ja valoprosessori

Product number: ES-RAD-MB1-300

The Episode Radiance MB-1 is where the magic really happens. With patent pending ACE Technology designed by Swarm, the MB-1 combines the audio signal from a 70V amplifier and lighting from an off-the-shelf lighting transformer onto a single 2-conductor wire.

ES-RAD-MB1-300 key features:

UP TO 500W OF AUDIO AND 300W OF LIGHTING – The MB-1 combines up to 500W of audio and up to 300W of lighting in one small footprint when driven by an Episode Hybrid 1000 Amplifier.
*Episode Hybrid Amplifier with Episode Radiance DSP is recommended for installation.

COMPATIBLE WITH POPULAR LIGHTING TRANSFORMERS – The MB-1 accepts a 12v or 15v AC or DC input from a standard non-dimmable lighting transformer.
*A lighting transformer is required for installation.

IP RATED FOR OUTDOOR USE – The MB-1 is IP66 rated for use outdoors. Conveniently place the MB-1 near your lighting transformer for easy integration.

MOUNT ANYWHERE WITH FUSE PROTECTION – The MB-1 mounting bracket allows for flexible, secure mounting to any surface and has fuse protection to prevent damage from improper wiring.



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