Radiance ulkovalaisin

Product number: ES-RAD-LT3

Highlight architecture or walkways with low-voltage outdoor lighting. Simple, twist-to-lock technology allows you to mix and match lighting modules to speaker bollards, blanks, or mounting accessories to create a custom outdoor ambiance for any space. Adjustable lighting patterns for up spot, downwash, or both. Available in black or white.

ES-RAD-LT3 key features:

ADD LIGHTING TO RADIANCE – Seamlessly and easily add lighting to the Radiance system. Lights can be mounted to each Radiance speaker or used standalone with mounting accessories.

VARIABLE LIGHTING PATTERNS – Choose up spot, downwash, or both to create common or custom landscaping patterns with the flip of a switch.

TWIST-TO-LOCK – The twist-to-lock feature on all Radiance products ensures a secure connection between components without additional screws, wires, or tools.

ROBUST BUILD QUALITY – Constructed of diecast zinc with an IP66 rating, plus powder coated and UV protected for years of use without fading.

COMMON COLOR TEMPERATURE – The Episode Radiance light modules are 7W and share a common color temperature of 2700K, like many popular outdoor lighting solutions today.


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