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Product number: RSP-01-BL-1

Building on top of the award winning Rithum Switch, is the Rithum Switch Pro, which adds PoE and a speaker for intercom*.

Rithum Switch Pro is a smart home control panel that combines your lighting, audio, climate and intercom control into one simple touchscreen smart switch. The whole family can easily get the perfect lighting, sound and temperature setting without a phone, app or training.

* Intercom will initially support specific door entry stations and require a plugin.

RSP-01-BL key features:

Rithum Switch Pro adds two fundamental enhancements especially for professional installers. The first is the addition of PoE IEEE 802.3af, allowing the installer to simply power and communicate with the Rithum Switch Pro from a PoE network switch over a standard CAT cable.

The second is the addition of a speaker which, alongside the already present dual microphones, presents the ability to integrate with video door stations. Note that no integration is yet available for intercom integration, but it will be announced in due course and the hardware is intercom ready.

Out-of-the-box Rithum Switch Pro offers Philips Hue smart lighting and Sonos audio control. Plus, with temperature sensing built in, Rithum Switch Pro includes Rithum Stat climate control and comes with our new Rithum Stat Scheduling screen.

Software plugins also allow the Rithum Switch Pro to integrate with many other systems.

THE ALL-IN-ONE SMART HOME SYSTEM – Using its built-in temperature sensor, the Rithum Switch can operate as a thermostat and offers a full range of climate control functions. We call this Rithum Stat*. Rithum Stat also includes a Scheduling screen allowing users to set a seven day schedule with up to eight time points in each day.Also included is audio control with Sonos smart speaker connectivity and smart lighting scenes with the Philips Hue integration. Full smart home control from one device!

*Requires a relay connected via a lighting integration

SMART LIGHTING CONTROL – The Rithum Switch offers control of up to 8 Scenes with Philips Hue connectivity included as standard. Setup is easy, simply connect the switch via WiFi to the Hue Bridge and your Scenes will automatically display on your Rithum Switch. Alternatively, please view our plugin integrations for connectivity with lighting systems such as Homey, Rako or Lutron.

LIGHTING LEVELS SCREEN – From within Rithum Switch, users are able to control the lighting levels at Group Level, for example all lights in the Kitchen Group, or at individual device level. Simply use the toggles to switch groups or devices on or off, then use the sliders to adjust the levels as required.

QUICK CLIMATE CONTROL – Using Rithum Switch’s built in temperature sensor, Rithum Stat offers a full suite of climate control functions out-of-the-box. The climate screen allows you to see the current temperature, manually adjust the set point, select the zone and pause or resume the schedule. It also offers control of other heating integrations such as Fibaro Climate or Tado.

EASY AUDIO CONTROL – The audio screen gives you access to your favourite music services. A responsive interface presents the simple, quick actions you need most often. Designed for quick and easy control of the most used actions.

GROUP SCENES – Rithum Switch has 8 main Scene buttons, but being able to collate sub-scenes in a group provides users with much wider control options. For example, a user could group 3 or 4 – or more – kitchen Scenes to one of the main 8 buttons.

– Macro mode (default): Triggers all of the Scenes in the group and can be useful to turn all lighting and audio off / on with the press of one button
– List mode: Once pressed, this will display a pop-up list showing all Scenes within the group, which can be controlled independently. This is useful for grouping Scenes within a zone, for example, all lighting in the kitchen
– Step mode: Pressing the Group Scene button will cycle through the grouped Scenes and display them one after the next, activating each one as it is displayed

STANDBY GESTURES – When the screen is in standby, a short hold toggles the lights or a double tap gets your music playing. Rithum Switch’s standby gestures mean you can get up and running as quickly as possible. Just setup which room you want to toggle with the hold gesture. The double tap gesture will play/pause the last selected audio zone.

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