SA1 200W 2-kanavainen Hi-Res MoIP-suoratoistovahvistin

Product number: TS-SA1-200

The Triad SA1 Streaming Amplifier is a ground-up redesign of the Triad One, delivering a powerful 200W per channel and optimized for a high-resolution single-zone 2.1 listening experience within a Control4 system. Use it to create an additional zone of music or TV audio playback within your Control4 system. The Ryff-enabled platform allows Control4 customers to easily stream high-resolution, lossless audio from popular streaming platforms including Pandora, Spotify, TIDAL, and Spotify Connect.

TS-SA1-200 key features:

POWERFUL STREAMING AMPLIFICATION – Experience precision audio with the Triad SA1 Streaming Amplifier, boasting high-power of up to 200W per channel, FTC Full Bandwidth rated. Our commitment to quality engineering is reflected in the SA1’s remarkable THD+N < 0.002%, ensuring that every note and nuance is delivered with unparalleled accuracy and clarity. With an impressive SNR of 117db, the SA1 allows you to embrace the intricacies of detail in every track, delivering a truly transcendent audio experience.

RYFF-ENABLED FOR HI-RES AUDIO – Integrate with popular streaming platforms like Pandora, Spotify, TIDAL, and more to access a broad musical selection. Seamlessly integrate with other Ryff-enabled devices, including Control4 CORE controllers, so you can group and synchronize multiple devices, delivering a unified audio experience.

EXTENSIVE DSP CONTROLS – Built-in cutting-edge DSP control allows you to fine-tune and perfect the sound. The SA1 has all the necessary tools to deliver an incredible audio experience with tone controls, Subwoofer EQ, Room EQ, and Speaker EQ presets. Includes speaker presets for all Episode and Triad speakers.

SUPPORTS DOLBY ATMOS, DTS – Connect a TV to the SA1 and be assured that the SA1 can decode the audio format properly, no matter the source.

HDMI ARC/EARC SUPPORT – Utilize a TV’s ARC connection to seamlessly send high-bitrate audio from the TV to the amplifier, creating an easy solution for single room systems.

NETWORK AUDIO SYNCHRONIZATION – Group the SA1 with other Ryff-enabled products to enjoy music seamlessly around the home, perfectly in sync between rooms, eliminating lags or echoes.

IR OUTPUTS – Easily control a TV or local source device using the SA1’s two discrete IR outputs, in addition to being able to control a 2.1 audio zone.

FLEXIBILITY WITH WIFI – 2.4 and 5Ghz WIFI connectivity allows the SA1 to be placed in any room and add an additional audio zone in remote locations.

MOIP ENABLED – As a part of the Snap One entertainment ecosystem, the SA1 can also act as a MOIP transmitter which allows for audio from your SA1 to be sent to MOIP receivers and amplifiers.

OVRC-ENABLED – Robust OvrC capabilities allow for simplified remote management and troubleshooting.




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