Sonance Omni-6T ympärisäteilevä ulkokaiutin

Product number: 40196

The Sonance OMNI-6T is an Omnidirectional 70V/100V/8 Ohm loudspeaker, designed to deliver 360 degree coverage in applications such as resort gardens, hotel pool areas, theme parks, outdoor shopping malls, and open residential outdoor spaces.

The OMNI-6T achieves impressive fidelity and output from its 4 1.25″ wide-band, direct-firing drivers that do not rely on reflection. The 6.5″ up-firing high-excursion woofer helps the speaker deliver full range performance. With an 80W 70V Sonance Laminated Core Transformer for flexible system configuration and output, the OMNI-6T has what it takes to deliver crisp, natural music in every direction for walkways, courtyards, gardens, and beyond, in residential or commercial spaces.

Omni-6T key specs:
Frequency response: 60Hz – 20kHz (-3dB)
Nominal sensitivity: 88dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
Woofer size: 6 1/2”
Rated maximum SPL: 107dB @ 1 meter (3.3 feet) average, 113dB peak
Transformer taps: 80W, 40W, 20W and (10W @70V)




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