Strong 12U In-Cabinet laitekehikko

Product number: SR-CAB-12U

Kalusteen sisään asennettava 19” laitekehikko. Yhteensopiva RACKSLIDE-300 liukualustan kanssa (myytävissä erikseen). Väri: musta. Koko: 12U.

SR-CAB-12U – Sure, you could just stack gear into a cabinet or place it on shelves… But for an easier and more professional looking installation, use these discreet in-cabinet racks. Their improved design makes them perfect for a built-in cabinet in the living room, boardroom, or light commercial applications.Plus with the optional SR-RACKSLIDE-300 you can easily access the rear panels of the equipment for wiring and servicing – and thanks to a reduced rack depth, you get full rotation to ensure that reaching equipment is a breeze. Rack size: 12U.



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