Strong Carbon sarjan taittuva TV-teline 24-55” televisioille

Product number: SM-CB-ART1-M

Laadukas Carbon sarjan TV-teline 24-55” televisioille kokoontaittuvalla varrella ja monipuolisilla säätömahdollisuuksilla. VESA yhteensopiva. Painoraja: 45kg. Väri: musta.

SM-CB-ART1-M – The Carbon Series Single Arm Articulating Mount offers 19″ of extension with a 100 lb. UL Listed weight capacity to ensure durability for any install. The TV plate comes standard with up to a 200 x 300 VESA pattern, but included adapter plates allow up to 400 x 400 VESA pattern compatibility.

Comes equipped with 3 cable management clips that easily snap on to the articulating arms to keep cables neat and tidy.
Swiveling up to 180 degrees and extending out from the wall 19”, this mount moves fluidly with minimal force required.
Easily mount the TV plate to the articulating arms using the conical washers on the back to guide the plate into place.
The TV plate has +/- 5° of roll adjustment built in for easy post-install leveling.
The arm assembly base plate has a tilt angle of +12° / -5°, making it easy to get the TV at the perfect viewing angle.
Mounting template included to make measurement, pre-planning, and single-person install as easy as possible.



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