Strong Contractor Series 21U laitekaappi

Product number: SR-CS-RACK-21U

Contractor sarjan 19” laitekaappi sivupaneeleilla ja lukittavilla pyörillä. Yhteensopiva RACKSLIDE-300 liukualustan kanssa. Väri: musta. Koko: 21U.

SR-CS-RACK-21U – If you’re looking for racks with a price to suit every job, these models have the goods to get it done. Quick assembly of the included side panels, top plate, and base plate (with pre-installed casters) will have your installer smiling. These racks are the smart, easily-serviceable alternative to stacking gear in a cabinet for smaller residential and commercial installations. Rack size: 21U. RACKSLIDE-300 compatible.



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