Strong Custom Series 27U laitekaappi, 60cm syvä (24”)

Product number: SR-CUSTOM-27U-24IN

Custom sarjan 19” laitekaappi. Tyylikäs kiiltävän musta viimeistely. Sivupaneelit, sekä etu- ja takaovi ostettavissa erikseen. Syvyys: 60cm (24”). Koko: 27U.

SR-CUSTOM-27U-24IN – Redesigned based on dealer feedback! There’s a reason our floor standing racks are the go-to for so many installers. With innovative installation features, flexible configuration options, and a polished jet-black finish, this durable Custom Series rack is ready to dress up any project. Rack size: 27U, depth 24”.
New Z-Lock technology rack rails
Skirted base that features preinstalled fine floor casters
Installer-centric features include integrated slots and knockouts for wire management, fan top bracket attachments, and a gangable side-by-side design
Side panels, glass doors, and solid doors a la carte to customize the rack of your choice for every install



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