Strong kallistettava TV-teline 37-80” televisioille

Product number: SM-T-L

Matalaprofiilinen teräsrunkoinen kallistettava TV-teline 37-80” televisioille. VESA yhteensopiva. Painoraja: 74kg. Väri: musta.

SM-T-L – As TVs get thinner and lighter, maximum holding capacities decrease as a result. The Strong™ Tilt Mount for Flat Panel TVs has a slightly reduced weight rating, with the ultimate goal of going slimmer. But rest assured, we did not compromise on build quality. Pick one of these thin TV mounts up to feel the 2.5mm thick steel used to make them, and notice the post-installation leveling screws, built-on lockable tabs, and easy-to-use wall plate to help make your custom AV job that much easier.



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